We at Music Inspiration desire to provide inspirational music at a price affordable for a full choir, a soloist, or for any size group. We offer some pieces for free and others for a nominal price for the first copy and an even better price for additional copies. For example, a song might cost $2 for the first copy and then only 25 cents for additional copies.
     Click on the links on the left to list type of music desired. Once the music is listed here, click on the pieces of interest to show more info about them. You can load them in the cart by clicking the "buy" button. Once a piece is in the cart, you can change the number of copies to the desired amount. When you check out, you will be asked to create an account. Your account will always have the pieces you have purchased ready for you to download at any time. Just logging in to your account (by clicking on the login/download button at the top) you can download immediately after purchase and any time in the future should you lose your printed copy.